Benefits of e-learning
In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.
  • Thanks to this technology, students benefit from a teacher adapted to their needs.

  • The absence of any geographic constraint allows for better flexibility of schedules.

  • Computer, tablet, smartphone: you have the choice between several media.

  • Personalized and dynamic quality courses, based on interaction and communication.

  • They adapt to all profiles, from tutoring to further training for adults, through secondary and higher education.

Class-success course by webcam
In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.
  • I am on time during online sessions.
  • I offer structured online courses based on concrete exercises. Do not forget that we can transmit the same information in a different way by using his cognitive abilities. It is cerebral flexibility.
  • I help prepare for exams.
  • I am a teacher by staying tuned.
  • I give motivation to the student to eliminate academic failure, this through positivism.

Payment via IBAN or PAYPAL with my address

College: 25 euros
second: 27 euros

Premiere / terminale: 28 euros
1 additional year: 30 euros
2 additional year: 32 euros
3 additional year: 34 euros
4 additional year: 36 euros

Payment for lessons is made 48 hours in advance
Any class hour canceled within 24 hours
of the effective date is due.

On a daily basis, I help students who want to give meaning to their projects, whether it is to enter higher schools, complete training or retraining. I also support them during the realization of their master's thesis or their thesis.

I update my knowledge by training myself daily to teach students from all continents, this through my versatility and my cognitive level which allow me cerebral flexibility.

Video on a method of solving exercises.

To learn is to be free!

Openness and daily training are the fundamental pillars for a successful life. I transmit my dynamism and my positive energy for effective coaching. Rather than presenting myriads of student opinions which can be virtual on any site (you will find some unmodified ones on this page), it is preferable to try a course to see concretely its benefits. .


Beyond words, only practice will allow you to feel the benefits. Join me for the first hour This is not a classic course! I combine exercises, lessons, my empathy and my wise advice to bring you comfort and the energy to make you want to learn.

We are all in interaction. The main thing is what we transmit: the results are there!

Some student opinions without any alteration!


Course of a course

New technologies are important communication tools, but most of it comes from human energy when transmitting information. No matter how much we look in a book or on the internet at a technical or abstract subject that interests us, a person's vitality is missing to motivate us and better understand the theme. This is my mission, to accompany you!

WEBEX software

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

On a concrete problem, I tackle various questions on a chapter from which I explain concepts of course which sometimes seem abstract when they are not integrated in a physical case. This allows me to diverge into other chapters that you learn in class. In fact, you are more comfortable when you return to class.

Finally during exams or checks, you find the same type of questions that you know how to solve by simple and effective methods that I have sent you.

Everything can be explained, even complex concepts, using the right words for everyone to understand.

Each person has a different way of explaining!