Live online BCPST prep internship
1st and 2nd year
Pass the contest!

  • For students looking for coaching tailored to BCPST's two-year program

  • No more unnecessary stress that undermines the psychological stability of the student

  • Develop the well-being and positive energy of everyone

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Teach effective methods without sacrificing the underlying mathematical ideas, those which structure the sciences as they are practiced at a high level. Clear and precise, the chapters in mathematics, physics and chemistry are treated point by point and in a simple way by effective calculation techniques. The reasoning discussed is thus understood more easily.
By preventing the most frequent errors, the many practical tips allow you to deepen your knowledge straightforward.
Between two lessons, exercises are sent and corrected to assimilate the concepts discussed.

Internship 3 students maximum

50 hours of mathematics, physics and chemistry lessons

added to corrected exercises: 1990 euros

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In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • be motivated: want to work, have a project

  • have a healthy lifestyle: regular hours, sufficient sleep, avoid carelessness.

  • be physically and psychologically enduring: in difficult times, find the necessary resources to continue working

  • be organized and rigorous in your work

  • be open-minded: listen to advice and know how to question yourself

What really matters is not the working time but the amount of work done during that time i.e. efficiency at work. To improve it, here are some tips.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • do not procrastinate (postpone what can be done immediately). Every evening you have to learn the lessons of the day. If you are not motivated, you have to force yourself and take the time

  • organize and plan your work: plan hours of work before tutorials to prepare them and hours of work after lessons to learn them. Devote long work sessions to a single subject to deepen it instead of working three or four subjects every night

  • decide what work to do and set time limits on yourself to assess its effectiveness. For example, if you plan 2 hours to prepare for a physics-chemistry tutorial and if at the end of this time you have not progressed properly, you must review your way of working!