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The CEA provides you with numerous educational content and multimedia supports in the following fields: energies, nuclear energy, renewable energies, radioactivity, climate, technologies, health and life sciences, physics-chemistry, Universe. Also discover the many professions in scientific research via testimonials and job descriptions.

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Classified by fields, sheets will allow you to get a concrete idea of the research professions and to know the training courses adapted to these professions. Here is an example below:

Nanoscience researcher

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Nanosciences fall under both atomic physics and the physics of matter.


By becoming a nanoscience researcher, you will be doing basic research using modern electronic systems whose components are so small that they are the size of a molecule. Then, if the research carried out is successful, you can file patents and look for partners to pursue more applied fields.

Nanosciences are a strategic sector of research. Many fields such as IT, telecommunications, medicine, biology, materials, chemistry, energy and the environment are concerned.

If the challenges do not scare you, if you are tenacious, motivated, creative and if you are interested in working in a promising sector, the job of researcher in nanosciences is for you.


  • Bac S

  • Bachelor in physics chemistry

  • Master in fundamental physics research or engineering sciences

  • Specialty: nanosciences, nanotechnologies.

Who has not heard of the new smartphones and associated headsets to dive into the experience of virtual reality? In addition to these personal applications, virtual reality is invading all areas of cinema, video games, industry and research. Find in video animation all the technologies implemented and the challenges of virtual reality.

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Trades Sheets

All the information to find your job!

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Imagine Your Future helps you find the job of your dreams! For each job, a presentation sheet to inform you about missions, training, salary… You don't know which job to choose? To make it easier for you, we have classified them by:

  • Fields: agriculture, art, marketing, law ...

  • Areas of interest: helping, animating, creating, defending ...

  • Subjects: plastic arts, general culture, history ...

This allows you to quickly find the job that matches your desires! If you already know your job, quickly find the presentation sheet to find out more.

Science and education
aboard the Vaisseau!


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"What sciences can young people in Europe be taught to motivate their interest in studies leading to scientific and technical careers?" "

Each year, CNES offers students the opportunity to design and carry out experiments that can be implemented in conditions close to weightlessness, on board the Airbus A310-0G.

The Airbus A310-0G is operated by Société Novespace , a CNES subsidiary. Thanks to this aircraft, we can obtain a reduced gravity environment. A series of parabolic maneuvers produce periods of weightlessness at

"0 g" of 22 seconds.
Each parabola begins and ends with a resource phase during which the aircraft is pitched up to 52 ° (input resource or Pull-up) and comes out of nose down when it reaches an inclination of 42 ° (resource output or Pull-out); during these phases the airplane and its passengers are subjected to an over-gravity of 1.8 g.
A flight lasts an average of three hours and includes about thirty parabolic maneuvers.

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Motivation : a key to successful studies.


For the student, the lack of motivation is a real handicap which is enough to explain many failures. On the contrary, motivation is a powerful energy that can lead from success to success. But how do you find it and keep it?

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"At 21, I have a bac S in my pocket, but I've been going from college to college for 3 years, I don't know what to do with my life, I have the impression of regressing ...", confides a student in our forums. "I can't get down to work and manage the passage between leisure and study", says another ...

Hard to find your motivation. However, all learning specialists say it: the motivated student has already taken a winning ticket for the race in which he is entering. In fact, he arrives at his lessons with all the senses on the alert to capture the important points. His attention and his listening are much better than those of the one who is there "as a tourist".

As he wants to pass his exams, he looks for the best learning strategies, even going so far as to be interested in certain subjects of study outside the program! His first results are encouraging: he gains in self-confidence and seeing his level improve, he even discovers, at times, the pleasure of learning ...

A complete file that gives a set of concrete keys to motivate students, restore their confidence and improve their results.

Thirty tips for a successful job interview.


Advice from Yves Gautier, Employment Coach. The job interview is a crucial moment.

How to introduce yourself? What is good body language? What behavior to have during your recruitment? What are the questions to ask the recruiter, the questions to avoid? Should we thank after an interview? How to argue? How to stand out? How to show your level of English?

More resources: https://www.EntretienEmbauche.TV/coac.


As a child, my parents used to say to me: “You can make a mess, but you have to clean up behind you. Freedom therefore came with responsibility. But my imagination took me to all these beautiful places where anything was possible. I grew up in a bubble of innocence.

Excerpt from a 10-minute lecture.


How can disadvantaged students succeed in school? For sociologist Anindya Kundu, guts and the ability to hold on to something are not enough; students also need to develop their capacity for action or their ability to overcome obstacles and navigate the system. He shares hopeful stories of students who have overcome all personal, social and institutional challenges.

Conference of 7 mns.